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Some New, Some Old Skincare

magnitone lucid cetaphil ren dragons blood fix
lucas paw paw kiehls garnier toner
simple spot roll on purfiying mask palmers nuxe detox cream

Hi everyone!

Its been a well overdue post, and this time I thought I should talk to you about my favourite thing ever and that’s skincare.

I’ve been using the Cetaphil Cleanser and Ren Exfoliater, alongside with my Magnitone Lucid Brush. The cleaner is just a fuss free cleanser, it’s really gentle and ideal for the mornings. The Ren Exfoliater is really gritty and smell’s of peppermint. I’ve recently got this and I just really enjoy using it for everyday as my skin can take it but you can also use it as and when you want. Something I just recently got was the Nip and Fab Dragons Fix Cleansing Pads, they’re not gritty but really moisturising and ideally I like to use this in the night time after I washed my face it kind of acts as a moisturiser and toner all in one. It has hydralonic acid to moisturise and salicylic acid in order to get rid of spots. I really enjoy using this and will keep you guys updated on how it looks after my skin in the long term.

I also use the Garnier Start Afresh Toner, its ideal for dry skins as it has Moringa Extracts and Lotus Flowers inside. I don’t really think much of this, I mean it moisturises but I haven’t found the HG toner. For moisturiser I use the Superdrug Radiant Moisturiser, it has SPF 15 inside which is great and is just fuss free and moisturises. It also is quite cheap but effective, which is why I’ve been through two pots. For eye cream I use the Kiehls Eye Cream, it has avocado in it and is really thick but it just blends beautifully and is well worth the price tag. Finally something I’ve mentioned before and you can check it here. The Lucas Paw Paw Balm, it’s just a clear balm that I really enjoy using, it’s really thin but really effective.

Finally these are just a few things I like to use when my skin needs a perk me up. First my favourite, even though I’ve only used it once its the Palmers Purifying Mask, I really love this because it has almond oil in it to moisturise but is like a thick mask, I used it and by the morning my pores were smaller and skin felt better. I recently got this Nuxe Detox Mask in my Look Fantastic Box, I don’t understand this concept but it’s just a nice cream and leaves my skin kind of silky but it is really heavily fragranced. Finally I use the Simple Roll On for Spots, it has lots of ingredients to help with spots, although I’ve got to say it works best on spots that are nearly gone or small spots.

Many of these things are new, however I will report back to you guys once I try these products a few more.

Have you been buying any skincare recently? I’d love to know….