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Loreal True Match Vs. Lumi Magique (NC25-NC35)

Loreal True Match W4 and Lumi Magique W3

Loreal True Match W4 and Lumi Magique W3

Top: True Match (W4) Bottom: Lumi Magique (W3)

So when it comes to bases I like to think I have you covered, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect shade and texture for my skin tone. Which by the way is a Nc30 – 35 for reference.

Lumi Magique was my first choice, sometime last year. They don’t actually have shade W4 in this range and after comparing shades I went for W3. From the swatches you can actually see that W3 is a lot more peach compared to True Match which is a lot more yellow. (perfect for NC25-NC35 skintones.)  I actually have a whole blog post on the Lumi Magique range including the foundation if you’re interested – click here. Half a year later, I think it is a nice foundation but I only use it to mix in with my True Match during summer.

So a few years ago my sister had brought the Georgio Armani Silk Foundation (and yes I used it once or twice, sorry sis!) I thought it was drying, but when people said that Loreal True Match was a complete dupe I was intrigued. Recently my skin is normal so I can try semi matte foundations and I really love the True Match, its a perfect yellow, semi matte finish. It doesn’t patch up or go drying and it stays perfect all day!

If you are looking for a Georgio Armani Foundation dupe,  think everyone is right! Although I think True Match is more moisturising, which is perfect. To all the girls with my skin tone, I would totally say buy True Match over Lumi Magique (just because the shades a bit to peach) and tell me what you think of it too! 🙂



Thoughts On The LO’real Lumi Magique Range

loreal lumi range

When it comes to bases, I pretty much like a dewy base and I think everyone and their mum know’s this about me. When I heard about the LO’real Lumi Magique range I was pretty excited. I picked up two things from their range at separate times.

First of I picked up the LO’real Lumi Magique Primer £9.99 last summer, on first impressions me and my sister both hated it, although we both have different skin types. After trying out I still really hate it, it leaves me with a bumpy texture and gives me glow in all the wrong places. I’m honestly just trying to finish it of, its been 9 months now *sighs*.

Next up, I recently finished from my beloved Face and Body foundation, so thought I would pick up the LO’real Lumi Magique Foundation £10.99. I picked it up in the shade W3, I have got to admit at first I thought this was to light but now I feel like it’s a few shades too dark. I loved it at the start but it leaves a oily film on the face and when you go over to blend it with fingers it just slips and slides everywhere. It really never sets, although the face and body does that too its not so much an issue because you can just powder it and it sets but this one just never does. After a few months of having it, it also leaves my skin looking a bit bumpy and I’m overall just not impressed.

This range has really disappointed me and I don’t think I will be buying anything from this range, overall the products leave my skin looking bumpy and products just do not set.