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The Cheeky Cheek Trio You Must Try!

sleek flamingo vody shop honey bronzer natrual collection

sleek the bodyshop natrual collection IMG_1558 (1)Hey Beauties!

So I’m back today with a new post about summer ready blushes,  I really love using blush and bronzer to add a bit of shape to my face which can sometimes look a bit like a blank canvas with just foundation!

Firstly I love using bronzer and this particular time The Body Shop Honey Bronzer – £13.00 comes in handy! It’s perfect because its got some warm orange tones which just gives you a really nice bronzed look. I have the darkest shade but as you can see from the swatch its not to dark. The great thing is that they have 5 shades so going from fair to dark. I love using mine with the Real Techniques Multi Task Brush which is just what I use for any blush or bronzer.

There’s no doubt about it, but the Sleek Blush in Flamingo – £4.49 is one of those blushes you can wear at any time be it summer or winter! It’s one of those blushes that just instantly brightens up a often dull looking face. It’s really pigmented and that’s one of the reasons why I know its going to be a long lasting blush. It’s also easily accessible and is one of my favourite blushes to use. So if you haven’t already, pick it up!

Finally a blush that I picked up a few months ago its the Natural Collection Sugar Plum Blush – £1.99 I initially brought this for the winter time because I thought it was quite mauvey. How wrong was I? its the prettiest natural pink blush which also just brightens up the face. It’s matte as are all the products I’ve mentioned but it adds the perfect glow somehow and looks gorgeous on any skin tone.

So will you be picking up any of these any time soon? Or better yet tell me what blushes you are saving up for the summer! I’d love to know… 🙂


Negative Nancy: Rimmel East End Snob Lip Liner

Negative Review Rimmel East End Snob Lip Liner

Hello everyone! I’m not one to post negative reviews but I wanted to give an honest review of the Rimmel Lip Liner in East End Snob £3.99.  I brought it just a while before Christmas and upon opening some of it broke off, long story shore I used it three times and every time I used it more and more would break off till nothing was left.

Product: The colour is beautiful and stays in for a good few hours. It does give a gorgeous pout/fullness to the lips. However the formulation/texture is far to soft and break to easily! I understand that it is budget product but a product shouldn’t break every time.

Service: For service I think Rimmel are absolutely appalling! I have since contacted them around five times with only one reply. For a well known company I do think it is ridiculous. It seems Rimmel only really care about celebrity’s and famous bloggers, not actually there customers.

Conclusion: I will take my customer loyalty elsewhere.