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Loreal True Match Vs. Lumi Magique (NC25-NC35)

Loreal True Match W4 and Lumi Magique W3

Loreal True Match W4 and Lumi Magique W3

Top: True Match (W4) Bottom: Lumi Magique (W3)

So when it comes to bases I like to think I have you covered, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect shade and texture for my skin tone. Which by the way is a Nc30 – 35 for reference.

Lumi Magique was my first choice, sometime last year. They don’t actually have shade W4 in this range and after comparing shades I went for W3. From the swatches you can actually see that W3 is a lot more peach compared to True Match which is a lot more yellow. (perfect for NC25-NC35 skintones.)  I actually have a whole blog post on the Lumi Magique range including the foundation if you’re interested – click here. Half a year later, I think it is a nice foundation but I only use it to mix in with my True Match during summer.

So a few years ago my sister had brought the Georgio Armani Silk Foundation (and yes I used it once or twice, sorry sis!) I thought it was drying, but when people said that Loreal True Match was a complete dupe I was intrigued. Recently my skin is normal so I can try semi matte foundations and I really love the True Match, its a perfect yellow, semi matte finish. It doesn’t patch up or go drying and it stays perfect all day!

If you are looking for a Georgio Armani Foundation dupe,  think everyone is right! Although I think True Match is more moisturising, which is perfect. To all the girls with my skin tone, I would totally say buy True Match over Lumi Magique (just because the shades a bit to peach) and tell me what you think of it too! 🙂



The Eyeshadows That Will Get You Started

mac swiss chocolate sleek collectionsleek collection macHello my beautiful ladies!

So today I wanted to talk to you guys about eye shadow. I wear it all the time, even if I’m going for the natural look I always wear one of these three! So I’m going to start talking about the three that do it for me…

Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette £10.99 – You’ve probably seen me blog about this on many occasions but I really love both the shimmery colours just as a light base with lots of lashings of mascara. The good thing about the colour on the right is it you blend it with a Mac 217 into the crease you’ll find it gives you an automatic crease colour, amazing right?

Collection Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette £3.19 – I love this palette because it is so soft and buttery and the colours are really pigmented. They have some really nice natural colours and some darker ones that you can transition from a day to night look. It’s easily became one of my faves to use.

Mac Swiss Chocolate £10.00 – I’ve had this for a really long time, but I haven’t stopped loving it, since I brought it. You can use it as just a solo colour on the lids and smudged underneath for a casual look, or you can use it as a crease colour.

So they’re my favourite, which ones do you like using on an every day basis? I’d love to know 🙂 x

The Cheeky Cheek Trio You Must Try!

sleek flamingo vody shop honey bronzer natrual collection

sleek the bodyshop natrual collection IMG_1558 (1)Hey Beauties!

So I’m back today with a new post about summer ready blushes,  I really love using blush and bronzer to add a bit of shape to my face which can sometimes look a bit like a blank canvas with just foundation!

Firstly I love using bronzer and this particular time The Body Shop Honey Bronzer – £13.00 comes in handy! It’s perfect because its got some warm orange tones which just gives you a really nice bronzed look. I have the darkest shade but as you can see from the swatch its not to dark. The great thing is that they have 5 shades so going from fair to dark. I love using mine with the Real Techniques Multi Task Brush which is just what I use for any blush or bronzer.

There’s no doubt about it, but the Sleek Blush in Flamingo – £4.49 is one of those blushes you can wear at any time be it summer or winter! It’s one of those blushes that just instantly brightens up a often dull looking face. It’s really pigmented and that’s one of the reasons why I know its going to be a long lasting blush. It’s also easily accessible and is one of my favourite blushes to use. So if you haven’t already, pick it up!

Finally a blush that I picked up a few months ago its the Natural Collection Sugar Plum Blush – £1.99 I initially brought this for the winter time because I thought it was quite mauvey. How wrong was I? its the prettiest natural pink blush which also just brightens up the face. It’s matte as are all the products I’ve mentioned but it adds the perfect glow somehow and looks gorgeous on any skin tone.

So will you be picking up any of these any time soon? Or better yet tell me what blushes you are saving up for the summer! I’d love to know… 🙂

What I’ve Been Loving This Month ..

magnitone lucid mac studio fix fluid nc35 sleek brow kit dark

magnitone sleek brow kit nip and fab cleansing pads mac studio fix

It’s that time of the month again, where it’s monthly favourites! I’ve generally stuck to the same things and there’s a few things that I have mentioned once at least in my blog! So without further ado let’s go…

So a few weeks ago I got the Magnitone Lucid £49.99 when my skin was going through a very tough patch (lol third world problems) Anyways the Magnitone promised to reveal clearer, radiant skin within one week. They were right, within three day’s of using it I really noticed a radiance to my skin. I continued using it morning and night and have fallen head over heels with it. If you haven’t already, I would really go for something like this it’s amazing.

At the same time I got the Magnitone, I brought the Nip and Fab Dragons Blood Cleansing Pads £4.96 , it has hyaluronic acid in it and I think that’s what it all comes down too. It’s a really nice cleansing pad which if used once a day leaves your skin all plump and youthful. It’s actually on offer for less than half price in Superdrug so a really good deal!

Last year I brought my sister the Sleek Brow Kit in Dark £8.49, but it wasn’t to her liking! So seeing as I had ran out of a brow product aka my benefit gimme brow:(.  However I’ve been using the powder which has really been working to give me that fullness to my brow, I’m not so keen on the wax as it’s just too much!

When my foundation finished, I brought the Mac Studio Fix Fluid £21.50 which is a really nice medium coverage foundation giving a really flawless coverage. I got the shade NC35 in case anyone wanted to know. I really am enjoying using it, but I will report back once it’s been a few more weeks!

Finally, I have been loving the Mac Prep and Prime Highlighting Pen in Light Boost £18.50, I love highlighting my under eyes, forehead, chin, nose basically anywhere I can get my hands on!  The highlighter is really nice and less is more with this, otherwise it can be a bit hard to blend in. I would get the shade bright forecast as well, as it’s like a peach corrector.

So that’s about it really, what have you girls/guys been enjoying? I’d love to know….


Some New, Some Old Skincare

magnitone lucid cetaphil ren dragons blood fix
lucas paw paw kiehls garnier toner
simple spot roll on purfiying mask palmers nuxe detox cream

Hi everyone!

Its been a well overdue post, and this time I thought I should talk to you about my favourite thing ever and that’s skincare.

I’ve been using the Cetaphil Cleanser and Ren Exfoliater, alongside with my Magnitone Lucid Brush. The cleaner is just a fuss free cleanser, it’s really gentle and ideal for the mornings. The Ren Exfoliater is really gritty and smell’s of peppermint. I’ve recently got this and I just really enjoy using it for everyday as my skin can take it but you can also use it as and when you want. Something I just recently got was the Nip and Fab Dragons Fix Cleansing Pads, they’re not gritty but really moisturising and ideally I like to use this in the night time after I washed my face it kind of acts as a moisturiser and toner all in one. It has hydralonic acid to moisturise and salicylic acid in order to get rid of spots. I really enjoy using this and will keep you guys updated on how it looks after my skin in the long term.

I also use the Garnier Start Afresh Toner, its ideal for dry skins as it has Moringa Extracts and Lotus Flowers inside. I don’t really think much of this, I mean it moisturises but I haven’t found the HG toner. For moisturiser I use the Superdrug Radiant Moisturiser, it has SPF 15 inside which is great and is just fuss free and moisturises. It also is quite cheap but effective, which is why I’ve been through two pots. For eye cream I use the Kiehls Eye Cream, it has avocado in it and is really thick but it just blends beautifully and is well worth the price tag. Finally something I’ve mentioned before and you can check it here. The Lucas Paw Paw Balm, it’s just a clear balm that I really enjoy using, it’s really thin but really effective.

Finally these are just a few things I like to use when my skin needs a perk me up. First my favourite, even though I’ve only used it once its the Palmers Purifying Mask, I really love this because it has almond oil in it to moisturise but is like a thick mask, I used it and by the morning my pores were smaller and skin felt better. I recently got this Nuxe Detox Mask in my Look Fantastic Box, I don’t understand this concept but it’s just a nice cream and leaves my skin kind of silky but it is really heavily fragranced. Finally I use the Simple Roll On for Spots, it has lots of ingredients to help with spots, although I’ve got to say it works best on spots that are nearly gone or small spots.

Many of these things are new, however I will report back to you guys once I try these products a few more.

Have you been buying any skincare recently? I’d love to know….

Conceal And Contour On A Budget

conceal and contour on a budget

So lately, I’ve really been getting into contouring and highlighting my concealer. I always thought that having a narrow face shape, contouring would only make me appear worse of. I was completely wrong, so I’m going to talk to you guys about what I use to contour and coincidently they’re all affordable products.


I like to use a correcter every time I do my make-up, it just mean I don’t have to use to much concealer to highlight afterwards and hides my dark bags. The one I use is the Super Cover Concealer in the shade number 25. Now this is professional make-up so I don’t think its sold separately. However some alternatives to this are the Bobbi Brown Corrector, which I have tried once or twice before but love this Super Cover one.

Next up I use the LA Girls Pro Concealer, I actually prefer this to Mac Pro Long Wear. I use the shade Creamy Beige, its really affordable at $2.49. It just conceals under eyes and blends out so seamlessly.

Finally a new step that I have recently been doing since watching my sister Zeenat do it, is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer £7.99, I use the shade Nude. Its not a great concealer, but it works great to highlight the under eyes.


For contour, I use the Sleek Face Contour Kit – Medium £9.99. I’ve spoke about this many times, its a really good value product and its the only thing I use for contouring. I use this with a straight contour brush which just gives me a really chiseled look.

So that’s it, I use these products all the time on my photo’s, you can check them out on my Instagram: @heenajaved_ 🙂


One Heck Of Amaze-Balls!

soap and glory one heck of a blot powder

soap and glory one heck of a blot

Today I have a powder that should really be renamed from ‘One Heck Of A Blot Powder £12.00′ to ‘One Heck Of Amaze Balls!’. I’m not normally fussed about powder as my skin is very dry. However my under eyes can get very creased up without a powder.

I had a look at the Soap & Glory section in my local boots and picked this up on a whim! It has yellowish undertones but is a translucent powder. I like to use it with my Real Techniques Setting Brush £8.99 and apply a small amount to my under eyes.

It left my under eyes looking fresh and awake, I also decided to test it on my face and it still left the dewy-ness from my foundation but blotted my face to get rid of excess oil.

I think this would suit any one, but if you are a dry skin gal, I would definitely try this as it is amazing! However I think it’s equally as good for oily/combination skin as it lasts all day!

Do you have this powder, what do you think of it?