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Gigi Hadid VMA’s Inspired Look ♥



Hello my beautifuls<3

So I was in awe of Gigi Hadid’s VMA look and when I saw this gorgeous glowy look, I new I had to recreate it.


Foundation: Loreal Lumi Magique in W3

Concealer: Laura Mercier concealer in shade 3 for correcting, MAC Light Boost for highlighting and Collection Concealer for general concealing.

Blush: Mac Cream Blush in Ladyblush and Benefit Coralista for a peachy healthy glow.

Highlight: Mary Lou Manizer on my cheeks, forehead, under my eyebrows, on top of my lips and on my nose. (so basically everywhere) 

Contour: LA Pro Girls in Dark Cocoa for my nose and cheek bones, followed by Benefit Hoola.


Mascara: Benefit Roll On, along with Maybelline the Falsies.

Eyeshadow: Mary Lou all over alongside the golden shade in the shade Sun Safari best quad ever!!


Lipliner:  Mac Cork for the outer corners, Mac Stripdown for lining my lips

Lipstick: Mac Shy Girl on top for a nude look.

So that’s what I used, this is a really simple look and you can pretty much use whatever products you like for this, but I went ahead and chose my faves. What other looks did you guys enjoy from the VMA’s? ❤


The Cheeky Cheek Trio You Must Try!

sleek flamingo vody shop honey bronzer natrual collection

sleek the bodyshop natrual collection IMG_1558 (1)Hey Beauties!

So I’m back today with a new post about summer ready blushes,  I really love using blush and bronzer to add a bit of shape to my face which can sometimes look a bit like a blank canvas with just foundation!

Firstly I love using bronzer and this particular time The Body Shop Honey Bronzer – £13.00 comes in handy! It’s perfect because its got some warm orange tones which just gives you a really nice bronzed look. I have the darkest shade but as you can see from the swatch its not to dark. The great thing is that they have 5 shades so going from fair to dark. I love using mine with the Real Techniques Multi Task Brush which is just what I use for any blush or bronzer.

There’s no doubt about it, but the Sleek Blush in Flamingo – £4.49 is one of those blushes you can wear at any time be it summer or winter! It’s one of those blushes that just instantly brightens up a often dull looking face. It’s really pigmented and that’s one of the reasons why I know its going to be a long lasting blush. It’s also easily accessible and is one of my favourite blushes to use. So if you haven’t already, pick it up!

Finally a blush that I picked up a few months ago its the Natural Collection Sugar Plum Blush – £1.99 I initially brought this for the winter time because I thought it was quite mauvey. How wrong was I? its the prettiest natural pink blush which also just brightens up the face. It’s matte as are all the products I’ve mentioned but it adds the perfect glow somehow and looks gorgeous on any skin tone.

So will you be picking up any of these any time soon? Or better yet tell me what blushes you are saving up for the summer! I’d love to know… 🙂

Some New, Some Old Skincare

magnitone lucid cetaphil ren dragons blood fix
lucas paw paw kiehls garnier toner
simple spot roll on purfiying mask palmers nuxe detox cream

Hi everyone!

Its been a well overdue post, and this time I thought I should talk to you about my favourite thing ever and that’s skincare.

I’ve been using the Cetaphil Cleanser and Ren Exfoliater, alongside with my Magnitone Lucid Brush. The cleaner is just a fuss free cleanser, it’s really gentle and ideal for the mornings. The Ren Exfoliater is really gritty and smell’s of peppermint. I’ve recently got this and I just really enjoy using it for everyday as my skin can take it but you can also use it as and when you want. Something I just recently got was the Nip and Fab Dragons Fix Cleansing Pads, they’re not gritty but really moisturising and ideally I like to use this in the night time after I washed my face it kind of acts as a moisturiser and toner all in one. It has hydralonic acid to moisturise and salicylic acid in order to get rid of spots. I really enjoy using this and will keep you guys updated on how it looks after my skin in the long term.

I also use the Garnier Start Afresh Toner, its ideal for dry skins as it has Moringa Extracts and Lotus Flowers inside. I don’t really think much of this, I mean it moisturises but I haven’t found the HG toner. For moisturiser I use the Superdrug Radiant Moisturiser, it has SPF 15 inside which is great and is just fuss free and moisturises. It also is quite cheap but effective, which is why I’ve been through two pots. For eye cream I use the Kiehls Eye Cream, it has avocado in it and is really thick but it just blends beautifully and is well worth the price tag. Finally something I’ve mentioned before and you can check it here. The Lucas Paw Paw Balm, it’s just a clear balm that I really enjoy using, it’s really thin but really effective.

Finally these are just a few things I like to use when my skin needs a perk me up. First my favourite, even though I’ve only used it once its the Palmers Purifying Mask, I really love this because it has almond oil in it to moisturise but is like a thick mask, I used it and by the morning my pores were smaller and skin felt better. I recently got this Nuxe Detox Mask in my Look Fantastic Box, I don’t understand this concept but it’s just a nice cream and leaves my skin kind of silky but it is really heavily fragranced. Finally I use the Simple Roll On for Spots, it has lots of ingredients to help with spots, although I’ve got to say it works best on spots that are nearly gone or small spots.

Many of these things are new, however I will report back to you guys once I try these products a few more.

Have you been buying any skincare recently? I’d love to know….

Thoughts On The LO’real Lumi Magique Range

loreal lumi range

When it comes to bases, I pretty much like a dewy base and I think everyone and their mum know’s this about me. When I heard about the LO’real Lumi Magique range I was pretty excited. I picked up two things from their range at separate times.

First of I picked up the LO’real Lumi Magique Primer £9.99 last summer, on first impressions me and my sister both hated it, although we both have different skin types. After trying out I still really hate it, it leaves me with a bumpy texture and gives me glow in all the wrong places. I’m honestly just trying to finish it of, its been 9 months now *sighs*.

Next up, I recently finished from my beloved Face and Body foundation, so thought I would pick up the LO’real Lumi Magique Foundation £10.99. I picked it up in the shade W3, I have got to admit at first I thought this was to light but now I feel like it’s a few shades too dark. I loved it at the start but it leaves a oily film on the face and when you go over to blend it with fingers it just slips and slides everywhere. It really never sets, although the face and body does that too its not so much an issue because you can just powder it and it sets but this one just never does. After a few months of having it, it also leaves my skin looking a bit bumpy and I’m overall just not impressed.

This range has really disappointed me and I don’t think I will be buying anything from this range, overall the products leave my skin looking bumpy and products just do not set.