Conceal And Contour On A Budget

conceal and contour on a budget

So lately, I’ve really been getting into contouring and highlighting my concealer. I always thought that having a narrow face shape, contouring would only make me appear worse of. I was completely wrong, so I’m going to talk to you guys about what I use to contour and coincidently they’re all affordable products.


I like to use a correcter every time I do my make-up, it just mean I don’t have to use to much concealer to highlight afterwards and hides my dark bags. The one I use is the Super Cover Concealer in the shade number 25. Now this is professional make-up so I don’t think its sold separately. However some alternatives to this are the Bobbi Brown Corrector, which I have tried once or twice before but love this Super Cover one.

Next up I use the LA Girls Pro Concealer, I actually prefer this to Mac Pro Long Wear. I use the shade Creamy Beige, its really affordable at $2.49. It just conceals under eyes and blends out so seamlessly.

Finally a new step that I have recently been doing since watching my sister Zeenat do it, is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer £7.99, I use the shade Nude. Its not a great concealer, but it works great to highlight the under eyes.


For contour, I use the Sleek Face Contour Kit – Medium £9.99. I’ve spoke about this many times, its a really good value product and its the only thing I use for contouring. I use this with a straight contour brush which just gives me a really chiseled look.

So that’s it, I use these products all the time on my photo’s, you can check them out on my Instagram: @heenajaved_ 🙂



2 responses to “Conceal And Contour On A Budget

  1. Great post! No wonder why your face always look flawless! 😍 xxx

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