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New Products, The Loves and Loathes


Today I thought I would do a little haul on products that I’ve brought recently. Many of them are high street products with one or two high end products.

High Street 

  • During summer I saw Amelia Liana talk about the all about eyes palette from Collection – £3.19, it looked right up my street with perfect shimmery warm toned shadows. The colours are really nicely pigmented and are all shimmers, except the black. The palette itself is really compact and is comparable to the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette.
  • As I had ran out of my mascara, I brought the LO’real Miss Punky Mascara – £8.99. It was advertised to provide clumpy lashes, not something many people like ad in fact try to avoid. But any one who knows me, knows I love clumpy lashes. This has a really weird applicator but it really works and is what I have on my eyes all the time.
  • Something I brought well before I brought my new mascara was the Mac Prep and Prime Lash Base – £13.00, I really love this product, it helps my lashes to feel soft and gives my mascara something to hold on too. It’s really a HG status product for me. Without it I can get very emotional as Zeenat and Samara know! They also have blogs and are amazing, check them out!
  • I recently ran out of my Benefit Gimme Brow, I brought a cheaper alternative from MUA. It’s called the Brow This Way Brow Gel, I think it was around £3. (can’t find link:(‘) At first I really liked this product as it didn’t leave my brows crispy but the amount of product coming out made them look very full on and not natural at all. I wouldn’t recommend this, my sister was not impressed by the look of her face when she saw my brows!
  • Now everyone has been going on about the hype of Mac Cosmetics Soar Lip Liner – £12.50. Believe the hype, it is a lovely lip liner with hints of brown/pink, mainly being pink. I like to wear it alone, but have yet to try it with my other lipsticks.
  • Finally something I brought at the start of December, was the Mac Cosmetics Please Me Lipstick – £15.50. This is a blue toned pink, but its darker than Angel and Creme Cup. It really suits any skin tone, but I found its my perfect pink, it just really brightens up my face. (Currently a Mac Nc30 skin tone.)

So that’s it really, what have you been eyeing up or buying? I’d love to know 🙂 x


Brand Spanking New Brushes ..

zoeva 109 zoeva 102

With my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush rather tired from all those make-up applications, I thought it would be a good idea to get some new brushes. I thought about getting the new Real Techniques brushes but at £25.00? I wasn’t so sure..

I ended up getting two brushes from the Zoeva Range,

  1. Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush – £11.50

This is essentially a foundation brush, very similar to the expert face brush. It is dense, and applies any foundation to a medium/full coverage. At least that is what I think. Its quite a medium sized brush, so you can also use it to blend out concealer. Although it’s not precise but it works to give a basic blend of concealer and make it look more seamless. The price is a little high than I would normally spend for a foundation brush, but I think its a good quality product. The brush looks really nice with a matte finish to it and the bristles are very soft which feels lovely on the face. One con is that its difficult to wash the brush, its very dense so you never really know whether there’s more foundation stuck in there. However I find if you keep on top of the brush washing, you can usually get a clean brush.

2.   Zoeva 109 Face Paint Brush – £11.50

This is essentially used for contouring, its got a strong line, the bristles are soft. This means it won’t give a harsh line, providing you don’t use to much product. It blends really seamlessly. I find it perfect for beginners who want to contour, as you can’t really go wrong. I’ve had no problems with this brush and have tried it against cream and powder products and it works well both ways, so all in all a really good brush!

Have you tried any brushes from Zoeva?

One Heck Of Amaze-Balls!

soap and glory one heck of a blot powder

soap and glory one heck of a blot

Today I have a powder that should really be renamed from ‘One Heck Of A Blot Powder £12.00′ to ‘One Heck Of Amaze Balls!’. I’m not normally fussed about powder as my skin is very dry. However my under eyes can get very creased up without a powder.

I had a look at the Soap & Glory section in my local boots and picked this up on a whim! It has yellowish undertones but is a translucent powder. I like to use it with my Real Techniques Setting Brush £8.99 and apply a small amount to my under eyes.

It left my under eyes looking fresh and awake, I also decided to test it on my face and it still left the dewy-ness from my foundation but blotted my face to get rid of excess oil.

I think this would suit any one, but if you are a dry skin gal, I would definitely try this as it is amazing! However I think it’s equally as good for oily/combination skin as it lasts all day!

Do you have this powder, what do you think of it?

Negative Nancy: Rimmel East End Snob Lip Liner

Negative Review Rimmel East End Snob Lip Liner

Hello everyone! I’m not one to post negative reviews but I wanted to give an honest review of the Rimmel Lip Liner in East End Snob £3.99.  I brought it just a while before Christmas and upon opening some of it broke off, long story shore I used it three times and every time I used it more and more would break off till nothing was left.

Product: The colour is beautiful and stays in for a good few hours. It does give a gorgeous pout/fullness to the lips. However the formulation/texture is far to soft and break to easily! I understand that it is budget product but a product shouldn’t break every time.

Service: For service I think Rimmel are absolutely appalling! I have since contacted them around five times with only one reply. For a well known company I do think it is ridiculous. It seems Rimmel only really care about celebrity’s and famous bloggers, not actually there customers.

Conclusion: I will take my customer loyalty elsewhere.

Skincare Saviours

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Balm Origins Overnight Body Shop BB Cream Superdrug mask

Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a really good year and made lots of memories, as we are welcoming a new year I thought that I should post about a few skin care items that have relieved dull and dry skin. People who know me will know that I suffer from very dry skin and often I will complain of dull skin. Over the year I have collected these skin care items and they have really helped my skin in any circumstance.

Superdrug Purifying Mask £2.59, sadly they don’t have this on there website but I am sure they are still in store because they are amazing! It contains witch hazel and salicylic acid which are both ingredients that help clear up skin from those pesky spots. I like to use this twice or three times a week, due to it being non drying and really purifying my skin ensuring that when I do decide to wear make-up it goes on better. I have tried many different face mask including the infamous Glam Glow but honestly I do think that this is much better in comparison, better for my purse and more in the bottle as well as doing the same job.

Once I have used the Superdrug Mask, I like to apply Origins Overnight Mask £23.00, this smells amazing! It works really well to hydrate the face and restore my skin to supple and smooth. Now I didn’t know this but it actually has Japanese Seaweed in it which acts to repair skin’s barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature ageing.  It also contains lots of fruit extracts which is the reason why it makes skin look more bright and I do really love this mask. This is especially good for winter days when you have flaky skin that will not sort itself out.

For my lips I do like to use the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Balm £9.99, its great for really dry/chapped lips just apply it morning and night and it will ensure your lips are smooth by the morning. Although higher than a normal lip treatment, it is a multi task product, it heals skin conditions such as spots, dry skin, dull skin. if you have closed wounds that need a bit of attention just apply some to it and it will provide relief and repair your skin. There is so many ways you can use this multi task product and I love it.

Finally if you do decide you need a bit of make-up I would recommend The Body Shop BB Cream £12., its a BB cream so overtime it will help your skin from any blemishes but it is pretty light weight and it just works to make your skin look healthy. Bearing in mind that this doesn’t provide any coverage, however its great if you want something as a base.  I do have a few tutorials using this bb cream, so I shall link them here.